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Exiled Iranian film superstar BehrouzVossoughi.
Censored Iranian actor still in the spotlight.
44th San Francisco International Film Festival.
OVERDUE RECOGNITION for Behrouz Vossoughi.
Behrouz Vossough The Unvanquished.


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Who is?

But who is Behrouz Vossoughi?
Amid the applause, a handsome, dark-haired man, 50ish, in a black jacket and red tie, ascended the stage and approached the podium as Kiarostami’s interpreter explained to the Farsi-impaired: “This is an award for all the years he’s worked in the cinema in Iran, and all the years he’s awaited work here in this country. And I look forward to his return to the cinema. read more

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Behrouz Vossoughi Talk about Shahrzad | Read more here ...

2/19/2013 1:50:33 PM

A PRIVATE DREAM  | Read more here ...

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